Thank you for visiting If you are outside the USA and would like to purchase an item(s) please note the following:

Not all items available for international sales. Gelb Music carries thousands of products but not all products can be shipped outside the USA due to manufacture dealer agreements.

This website cannot process international orders, please contact us if you are interested in any product. DO NOT TRY TO BUY - YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED.

International orders can be placed through Gelb Music's eBay store. Click here to visit Gelb Music's eBay Store. Gelb Music uses eBay's Global Shipping Program for authorized international sales. International orders placed through eBay are shipped to eBay (Kentucky, USA) where they are inspected, re-packed, and re-shipped to the final destination. Duties, taxes and import fees are handled at the time of purchase making it easy and quick. For more information please visit


Please note that most products made in the USA are designed for USA electrical (v110). Some electrical items are conditioned to support other counties electrical systems (v110 - v220) and some are not. For example plugging in a USA v110 tube amp into v220/v240 outlet in Europe would instantly destroy the amp unless it was used with a "step-up-transformer. It's important that you learn about the product(s) and the electrical system to be used before purchasing. Improper use would make return/warranty invalid. Our suggestion is double check before you plug in and turn on!


Note that if your purchase is outside the USA, the warranty may not be valid. Please check with the manufacture about warranty conditions when buying outside the USA.

Wood / Material

Although eBay does handle all terms and conditions when selling internationally we have found some parts of the world have a more strict policy of what materials can be allowed. Recent changes such as "Rosewood" found in many guitars can no longer be imported or imported without documentation. We recommend that you contact your local government about what is allowed/not allowed to avoid turn back shipments.