Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced staff is here to help so feel free to call or email any questions you might have but to save time we have provided some frequently asked questions & answers for you.

Shopping at Gelb
1 - Do you match prices?
2 - Do you offer repairs?
3 - Do you give lessons?
4 - Do you offer rent to own?
5 - Can you layaway an item?
6 - Do you have gift certificates?

7 - Do you offer any financing?
8 - Do you give special discounts to churches, students, non-profit groups, etc? 
9 - I lost my receipt can you help me?
10 - Do you take trade-ins or buy instruments/gear?

About Gelb and our staff
11 - Who is Gelb, what's the history?
12 - Do you guys play gigs? Are you guys in bands?
13 - Did Jerry Garcia really shop at Gelb?

Q: Do you match prices?
A: Absolutely. We guarantee our price to be as low as any advertised price, provided it comes from an authorized US dealer and is for a new, in stock, current model. [This excludes used, demo, B/C-Stock, or discontinued items.] Just bring in the documentation- catalog, newspaper, or online printout.

Q: Do you offer repairs?
A: Yes, we do offer repairs and equipment services but not everything, please contact us to discuss your repair needs. We do not offer warranty repairs but if you should have a problem during the warranty period with a new product purchased from us we will make the arrangements necessary to get if fixed for you.   Of course, if you bought something new from us that requires minor adjustments and is within 30 days of the original purchase date we would be happy to help.

Q: Do you give lessons?
A: Yes. The Gelb Music Teaching Institute is located around the corner from the main store at 2726 Broadway. We offer guitar, bass, drum, piano, vocal and other instrument lessons.  Call for price and availability at 650-365-0875 (Receptionist available from 2pm-7pm).

Q: Do you offer rent to own?
A: No, but we do offer financing

Q: Can you layaway an item.
A: Yes, you can layaway for up to 30 days with a 20% deposit. Note, cancelled or unpaid layaways will be subjected to a 10% restocking fee of the original price.

Q: Do you have gift certificates? 
A: Yes, in any amount!

Q: Do you offer any financing?
A: Yes we do offer financing for in-store purchases only at this time. Please contact us to learn more.

Q: Do you give special discounts to churches, students, non-profit groups, etc?
A: EVERYONE shopping at Gelb gets a discount. Stores that give “special” prices to specific groups are charging someone else too much. We give everyone a break, period!

Q: I lost my receipt can you help me?
A: We would be happy to help!  Our database goes back to 2009, as long as you provided your name and contact information at the time of purchase we should be able to get you a new receipt.

Q: Do you take trade-ins or buy intruments/gear?
A: We take trades, we buy outright and we provide you the option to sell your instrument through our consignment  service. Please call us first to see if it’s something we can help you with. Items must be in good working order.

Q: Who is Gelb, what's the history?
A: Sidney Gelb, was a violinist originally from Chicago.  His friend, an aspiring cartoonist named Walt Disney had come out to California to further his career and convinced Mr Gelb to come out too.  Mr Gelb and his wife made it to the Los Angles area but it wasn't for them so they traveled up to the bay area where they settled in.  When he arrived in the bay area he started teaching and renting instruments out of his home in Redwood City in 1939. He specialized in violin but he also taught steel guitar, accordion, sax, trumpet and guitar. As his business grew he moved several times before ending up in the current location. If you are a Peninsula native, we’ll wager that you or someone you know probably took lessons from Mr. Gelb. Sidney and his wife Marion retired in 1972. Kevin Jarvis took over Gelb Music in 1972 and in 2015 sold the business to Massoud Badakshan (who owns Haight Ashbury Music Center in San Francisco, CA.).

Q: Do you guys play gigs? Are you guys in bands?
A: Everyone at Gelb is a musician.  Many of the staff are in multiple projects and bands!

Q: Did Jerry Garcia really shop at Gelb?
A: Yes, Jerry bought the Fender Twin Reverb he used his entire life from Mr. Gelb. Jerry was very good friends with then store manager Norm VanMaastricht , who was the best man at Jerry’s first wedding. Norm was seen often walking the streets of Redwood City holding a cane & sporting a large feather in his hat. He is still a dear friend of the store and quite a picker in his own right. Norm passed away in 2018.  Norm will not be forgotten...that famous picture on the side of Gelb Music's building (guy scaling out of the window) is suppose to be Norm!

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