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Gelb Music - Your Music Solution!

Over 79 years our dedicated staff of musicians has assisted pros and beginners alike in getting not only the finest gear available but the right gear for their needs. At Gelb it's ALWAYS been about the music--playing it that is. We don't just sell it, we use it.  Each department constantly monitors advertising nationwide to make sure you always get the lowest price possible. If you would like to play, listen to, or learn about the latest gear in a relaxed atmosphere, with a non-commissioned knowledgeable salesman who will be there long after the sale AND get a great deal then come see us.  There is a difference!

Sidney Gelb founded Gelb Music in 1939. It was Walt Disney, an aspiring cartoonist who made his way to California and talked to his Chicago buddy (Sidney) to come out and join him. Well Sidney didn't care for L.A. but decided to head to the bay area and fell in love with it. His pal Walt did pretty good :)  - and for Sidney WE ARE ALL VERY THANKFUL! Sidney did great, and started one of the most iconic music stores in the USA.

In 1972 Gelb was sold to one of Sidney's guitar instructors, Kevin Jarvis. Kevin changed gears, had a vision and went for it. Accordions out, electric guitars in! He hired some of the best musicians/ technicians in the area, grew the teaching staff, started rentals & consignment, and more.  In early 2000 he started to move to online sales.  Over the years Gelb grew to a destination spot for musicians, great products, great prices, great staff.  

In early 2015 Gelb was sold to a good friend of Gelb and another great independent music store, Haight Ashbury Music Center. HAMC like Gelb Music is one of the best music stores in the country known for it's great reputation and famous location.  

The future looks really really good!  What this means is an even bigger selection of musical products and services. As we work to combine inventory you can expect new brands and new instruments. We want to aim at better delivery of products and service while retaining the great Gelb Music vibe. And just to be clear - Gelb Music is staying Gelb Music, HAMC is staying HAMC. We want to thank you all for your continued support.

Established in 1939, Gelb Music continues to be the longest running independent music store in the bay area.

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