Rentals & Repairs at Gelb Music


If you are just getting started or need gear for a special event, Gelb Music can help. We offer an array of equipment; guitars, basses, keyboards, PA systems, etc.   Most items can be rented by the day, weekend, week, or month.


Gelb Music offers repairs, adjustments, and set-ups for a variety of instruments. Although we are NOT a full repair facility we normally can handle 90% of the requests. For those needing additional support we have several vendors we work closely with that we can recommend.

Common Requests:

  • String Change
  • Guitar / Bass Set-Up
  • New Pick-Ups
  • Neck Adjustments
  • Drum Repairs - See the Drum Doctor Page

For more information contact Rentals & Repairs at (650) 365-8878
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