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CRAVIOTTO Signed Custom Maple Snare with Exotic Inlay

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CRAVIOTTO Signed Custom Maple Snare with Exotic Inlay

CRAVIOTTO Signed Custom Maple Snare with Exotic Inlay
Item# C614CMI

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Craviotto "Signed" 6 x 14 Custom Maple Snare Drum with Exotic Inlay - C614CMI

The Diamond Tube Lug Limited Edition Snare Drum Collection are the flagship drums of the Craviotto Drum Co., and consist of high-performance and highly collectible solid-shell snare drums, made from maple wood.  Maple allows a distinctive quality of sound and response to emerge due to the organic variety in the grain pattern, density and mass of each board. The rarity and limited availability of these drums are what makes these drums Limited.

Each drum in the Diamond Tube Lug Edition Snare Drum Collection features hand-selected, hand-crafted shells and gleaming chrome-plated hardware along with premium-quality components including Craviotto's "Diamond" tube lugs, Remo Ambassador drumheads and Puresound 20-strand snare wires. The snare comes with a heavy-duty, padded Craviotto drum bag, and Trick GS 007 strainer, Craviotto’s diamond butt plate and drum key.

Craviotto’s methods for steam bending shells were fine tuned over decades - No short cuts here! This type of craftsmanship takes years to perfect and their techniques and processes have never been equaled. The end result is a product that truly is the finest available in the world today.

This drum was built and signed by Johnny Craviotto!


  • Wood type: Maple with Hand installed maple inlay
  • Shell Size: 6”x14" (custom size)
  • Bearing Edges: 45/45
  • Hoops: Triple-flanged
  • Case: Heavy Duty Padded Soft Case

Manufacturer: CRAVIOTTO

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