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Hi everybody! Let me briefly introduce myself: I am Michel Lâg-Chavarria, founder and master luthier of Lâg Guitars. Aside from my family and my studies, I've always dedicated my whole life to music and the arts in general, with a special addiction for guitars, but also for photography, poetry, and nature.

In 1978, after 8-years of experience as a guitar-player and singer in several French pop and rock bands, I started on the crazy (but so exciting) project to create and produce high-end guitars in Toulouse, in the South-West of France, a city well-known for its famous artists and its really active music scene!

I first started an efficient and reliable repair shop dedicated to all stringed instruments. This shop brought a lot of knowledge and experience, as well as many different and interesting customers through our Custom Shop models! Then, thanks to many musician friends who had built a great image for Lâg guitars on stage and in studio, we introduced our first creations to guitar dealers and players; in France first, then all around Europe, with a lot of success.

Lâg Haute Couture workshop is now located in Bédarieux, a wonderful area in the South-East of France, not far from the Mediterranean Sea, set among vineyards and olive trees… On a philosophical point of view, our global strategy, with the help of talented designers and expert technicians, has always been to avoid stereotypes, exorbitantly priced and over-used guitar designs, and to bring some refinement and style to the guitar world.

In 2002, I met Gérard Garnier, President of Algam group, France's largest musical instrument distributor. This meeting was a major step in the creative and international evolution of the brand. Now we all know that quality requires imagination, time, and hard work. After more than 25 years of experience and passion, Lâg is finally in America – thanks to our partnership with Korg USA.

LAG Occitania Nylon String Acoustic/Electric...
LAG Occitania Nylon String Acoustic/Electric Guitar Solid Red Cedar Top, Rosewood Back & Sides
LAG Occitania Nylon String Acoustic / Electric Guitar Solid Red Cedar Top, Rosewood Back & Sides W/Bag - OC300CE

The Algam design studio...

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LAG T66ACE Auditorium Cutaway...
LAG T66ACE Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
LAG Tramontane - T66ACE Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Natural
Superior instruments for the starting player, the Tramontane 66 Range guitars are...
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List Price: $419.99
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