Drumhead & Tuning 101 - FREE ALL AGES EVENT at Gelb Music - Feb 23rd, 6pm 

Ben Cole from Evans joined with Gelb's Drum Doctor will educate and demonstrate, you will not want to miss it. Giveaways at the event! SPECIAL Evans sale Feb. 20th-25th. More Details
Rickenbacker Guitar and Bass Sale - 20% Off

We want you to get a new Rickenbacker so to make it easier get 20% off all new Rickenbacker guitars and basses from Feb. 15th - to March 15th. Sale applies to both Gelb Music and Haight Ashbury Music Center in SF. More Details
BOSS Effect Pedals and More!

We have hundreds of effect pedals and that includes many of the BOSS effect single and multi pedals. Everything from delays to distortion pedals we have you covered here at Gelb Music
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Drums you ask - We have you covered and then some! 

DW, Craviotto, Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, Sonor, Ludwig, and more...  Gelb has one of the largest drum inventories on the west coast. Acoustic drums are NOT up on our site but we urge you to visit us here at Gelb Music and experience the DRUM SHOP!
Gelb Music's Facebook Page!

Join us on Facebook and stay up to date on deals, clinics, free tickets, giveaways, and more. Each Friday we post all the local shows including Gelb's staff, get new product updates and even vote on what we bring in the store. Thanks for your continued support. More info
Conga Cowabunga!  

In the 77 years I don't think any of us have seen so many hand percussion instruments in stock and at some incredible prices. These deals are in-store only so be sure to stop by Gelb and check out the huge selection and AMAZING Prices. 
Ukulele Treasure!

Gelb is known for having amazing guitars, basses, amps, drums and more but did you also know we have a HUGE selection of Ukuleles? We are lucky to have such a wide variety with leading brands such as Kala, Kamoa, Islander, Gretsch, etc...
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Mesa Boogie Limited Edition JP-2C!
John Petrucci of Dream Theater signature amp head. More Info

Bergantino HG310!
New speaker concept is taking off. Check it out! More Info
The New Elites From Fender
Lots of updates on these Elites and it's all good news!
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Mini WAH!
Half the size, adjustable, and sounds great!
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