Fall Fun! 

The new drum triggers can take your acoustic kit to a whole new level of FUN! We urge you to stop by Gelb and check out our demo kit we have set up with Roland triggers and the new KAT sound system! - Show me the triggers!!
We're Ready! Over 30 Different Fender Telecasters - Game On!

We want more Tele's... WHAM, and next thing you know Gelb is packed with over 30+ different Fender Telecasters from Custom Shop, the new Elites, to Squire. Plenty of options, colors, and now the hard part - pick one! More
DW Custom Kit - Black Galaxy!  

What's the hot product of the day, month, year... well it's hard not to pick this one! DW Custom 6 piece kit in Black Galaxy. They sound great, look great, and lets face it this is one killer kit! View the pics and more!-  More info
Drums you ask - We have you covered and then some! 

DW, Craviotto, Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, Sonor, Ludwig, and more...  Gelb has one of the largest drum inventories on the west coast. Acoustic drums are NOT up on our site but we urge you to visit us here at Gelb Music and experience the DRUM SHOP!
Gelb Music's Facebook Page!

Join us on Facebook and stay up to date on deals, clinics, free tickets, giveaways, and more. Each Friday we post all the local shows including Gelb's staff, get new product updates and even vote on what we bring in the store. Thanks for your continued support. More info
Conga Cowabunga!  

In the 77 years I don't think any of us have seen so many hand percussion instruments in stock and at some incredible prices. These deals are in-store only so be sure to stop by Gelb and check out the huge selection and AMAZING Prices. 
Ukulele Treasure!

Gelb is known for having amazing guitars, basses, amps, drums and more but did you also know we have a HUGE selection of Ukuleles? We are lucky to have such a wide variety with leading brands such as Kala, Kamoa, Islander, Gretsch, etc...
More Info

The new line of amps now at Gelb that sound great. Come test drive!
More Info

The Sabian 16" X-Plosin Crash
Shimmering, Dark Tones boosted by explosive power! More Info
New from Rockett - The Dude!
Lots of good tones, solid O.D. pedal.More Info
Mini WAH!
Half the size, adjustable, and sounds great!
More Info
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